Bulgarian Association of Software Developers

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Software Engineering and Beyond

19 June (Tuesday), 17:00 h

Club "Sugar", Sofia, Graf Ignatiev 1

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The seminar goals are to introduce the audience with the principles of software engineering, the typical phases in the development process and best practices for successful project management. The "rapid development" as project management ideology is discussed and compared to the principles of agile development and extreme programming. Business process modeling as main activity in the software requirements engineering are deeply discussed. Special attention is given to the process management in software development organizations and applying standards and development models like CMMI, ISO 9000, etc.



Introduction to Software Engineering Svetlin Nakov

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Rapid Development, Part 1 Mihail Mihaylov

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Implementing Models and Standards for Software Development. Benefits and Risks Tsvetelina Kovacheva

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Agile Development and Extreme Programming Svetlin Nakov

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Business Processes and Requirements Analysis Peter Lefterov

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Introduction to Software Engineering

Software engineering defines the software development project lifecycle as sequence of activities, such as requirements analysis, architecture, design, code construction, testing, debugging, integration, deployment, maintenance, etc., which are performed following the practices of given development methodology applying a set of project management activities for planning, monitoring and controlling the project.

In this lecture the speaker will introduce the audience with the most important software engineering activities and will explain the typical software project lifecycle. Comprehensive examples will be given along with the theoretical fundamentals. Typical documents and templates used during the software development process will be presented including: software requirements specifications (SRS), software design documents (SDD), test plans, project plans, etc.

Speaker: Svetlin Nakov

Rapid Development, Part 1

"Rapid Development" is a framework of theoretical concepts and set of practices for organizing the development of software projects that result in predictable and fast development process without reducing the quality of the work. The lecture is an introduction to the rapid development methodology and presents the basic concepts that we need to follow for successful software project management.

Speaker: Mihail Mihaylov

Implementing Models and Standards for Software Development. Benefits and Risks

Some of the most popular models and standards for effective software development process will be presented. Special attention will be paid to the IEEE Standards for Software Development, the CMMI model, ISO standard and other development models like Spiral, RUP, Iterative and Agile. The lecture will also outline practical aspects of the implementation of these standards and models along with the potential benefits and associated risks.

Speaker Tsvetelina Kovacheva

Agile Development and Extreme Programming

Agile development methodologies are frameworks for software project management that embrace evolutionary change throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. The agile spirit promotes incremental, straightforward, cooperative and adaptive approach to software development. Extreme programming is an agile development framework that gives 12 key management and development practices.

In this lecture the speaker will discuss in details the extreme programming practices and how that can or cannot be applied based on his experience.

Speaker: Svetlin Nakov

Business Processes and Requirements Analysis

Business processes modeling during the requirements analysis is often considered a luxury that most companies cannot afford. In this presentation the speaker will show that in fact this is wrong consideration and will explain why the business process modeling should be the main activity in the upstream phases of the requirements engineering. The fundamentals of business modeling will be presented with practical examples and demonstrations and a methodology for extraction of artifacts for the next development phases from the business process models will be discussed.

Speaker: Peter Lefterov

About the Speakers

Svetlin Nakov is software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the development of Win32, Web, Java and .NET applications, software engineering consultant and trainer, author of 4 books and above 30 technical articles and presentations. He is one of the founders and currently chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD) and director training and consulting activities in the National Academy for Software Development (NASD).

Mihail Mihaylov is a manager with long experience as software engineer (with MCSD and SCJP certification) and project manager. Currently, he is CEO of RammSoft. He is member of the Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD), the International Association of Software Architects (IASA), the Bulgarian Project Management Association (BPMA), and the SofiaDev .NET User Group. His blog is available at: http://mikeramm.blogspot.com.

Tsvetelina Kovacheva is Quality Manager at Musala Soft with strong experience in Software Engineering, Quality Assurance and Process Management. She is a founding member of the Bulgarian Software Quality Association (BSQA).

Peter Lefterov is software development and business process modeling professional with experience as software engineer, requirements analyst and development of business process driven software projects. He is business analyst in Vereo Technologies.

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