Bulgarian Association of Software Developers

kindly invites you to take part in a seminar

Creating AJAX Applications

with Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

26 September (Wednesday), 18:30 h

Hall 200, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University



Join the Bulgarian Java User Group (BGJUG)

Speakers: Peter Tahchiev, Svetlin Nakov, Nikolay Nedyalkov

[Download the talk (part 1) - BGJUG1.avi - 2.5 MB]

[Download the talk (part 2) - BGJUG2.avi - 15.3 MB]


Creating AJAX Applications with Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Speaker: Svetlin Nakov

[Download the presentation - AJAX-Applications-with-Google-Web-Toolkit-Nakov-v1.0.pdf - 1 MB]

[Download the demonstrations source code - GWT-Demos-Nakov.zip - 45 KB]

[Watch the video - AJAX-Applications-with-Google-Web-Toolkit.avi - 129 MB]


The First Monthly Meeting of the Bulgarian Java User Group (BGJUG)

Live face to face meeting in the near public house

Join the Bulgarian Java User Group (BGJUG)

The Java user groups (JUG) are local organizations all over the world that perform regular meetings to discuss the Java technology. In these meetings speakers from the community share their development experience, present the emerging and new technologies and show best practices. Usually such meetings finish with a face to face meeting in the near public house or restaurant.

The Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD) is proud to announce the first Java user group in Bulgaria that will organize regular meetings in Sofia once monthly. The group will be leaded by Peter Tahchiev and will be strongly supported by BASD. Co-leaders will be Svetlin Nakov and Nikolay Nedyalkov.

Creating AJAX Applications with Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a modern Web development technology that allows creating complex AJAX applications with Java language. GWT developers write their dynamic Web applications in Java using GUI classes similar to AWT/Swing, GWT compiles the Java code to JavaScript and the produced pure JavaScript application is executed in the client Web browser. GWT allows asynchronously populating dynamic content by using its built-in framework for executing remote services that reside at the server side and are written in Java. In this talk the speaker Svetlin Nakov will share his rich experience in creating complex GWT applications with Oracle and Hibernate.

About the Speakers

Svetlin Nakov is software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the development of Java, .NET, Web and Win32 applications, software engineering consultant and trainer, author of 4 books and above 30 technical articles and presentations. He is one of the founders and currently chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD), director training and consulting activities in the National Academy for Software Development (NASD) and one of the founders of the Bulgarian Java User Group, author of open source projects and blogger.

Peter Tahchiev is experienced Java software engineer with solid background in Web development, Web services and build process automation. Peter is well known speaker in various technical seminars. he has been a part-time assistant in Sofia University and is enthusiastic open-source contributor in Apache Software Foundation projects.

Nikolay Nedyalkov is senior software engineer, lecturer, consultant and project leader with strong experience in Java, Java EE, .NET, database and Web development. He is technical director of the eBG.bg electronic payments portal and technical and business consultant in few other companies. Nikolay is president of the Association for Information Security (ISECA) and works in lots of public and government security projects. He has been lecturer in many courses in Sofia University and New Bulgarian University like: Information Security, Network Security, Software Engineering with Java, Writing Secure Code, Internet Programming with Java and others.

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