Bulgarian Association of Software Developers

kindly invites you to take part in a seminar

Best Practices in Software Engineering

20 February (Wednesday), 18:00h

Park-hotel “Moscow”, Sofia, Hall “Kiev”

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Rapid Development, Part 2

Speaker: Mihail Mihaylov

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Software Development Estimation – Dark Art or Science

Speaker: Stefan Kiryazov

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Usability Considerations for Developing Web Applications

Speaker: Mihail Mihaylov

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Open Discussion

Rapid Development, Part 2

"Rapid Development" is a framework of theoretical concepts and set of practices for organizing the development of software projects that result in predictable and fast development process without reducing the quality of the work. The lecture focuses on the software development fundamentals – a major part of the rapid development requirements that we need to follow for successful software project management.

Software Development Estimation – Dark Art or Science

The software development industry employs a wide range of estimation techniques – from precise mathematical models to the “good” old blind guess. This presentation addresses various approaches for estimating software development schedules as well as other important activities that surround the estimating itself – communicating the estimate to the customers and resisting the schedule pressure.

Usability Considerations for Developing Web Applications

Software usability has many meanings and goals. Sometimes it is just about doing some activity successfully; sometimes it is about user’s productivity and sometimes it is a matter of aesthetics. This lecture brings up some critical questions on usability when developing Web applications. It reveals the most common usability mistakes we make and presents some good practices that would improve the software usability.

About the Speakers

Mihail Mihaylov (a.k.a Mike Ramm) is a manager with long experience as software engineer (with MCSD and SCJP certification) and project manager. Currently, he is CEO of RammSoft. He is member of the Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD), the International Association of Software Architects (IASA), the Bulgarian Project Management Association (BPMA), and the SofiaDev .NET User Group. His blog on software engineering and project management is available at: http://pmstories.com.

Stefan Kiryazov is a project manager with extensive experience in the software industry. He is certified by PMI (Project Management Institute) and has participated in many projects that push the limits of technology and the software development methodologies. He is a member of the SofiaDev .NET User Group and PMI. He works as a project manager for Vereo and is also the founder and co-owner of the software development company Wizefish.

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