Bulgarian Association of Software Developers


Bulgarian Java User Group (BGJUG)

kindly invites you to take part in a seminar

Creating Rich Client Applications using NetBeans 6 and Java Swing

28 November (Wednesday), 19:00h

Hall 200, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University


The objectives of this seminar is to show how to easily develop Rich Client applications using NetBeans 6 and Swing.



NetBeans 6.0: New and Cool

Speaker: Roman Strobl, Sun Microsystems

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Speaker: Miroslav Nachev

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Simple Database Application

Speaker: Miroslav Nachev


Another Simple Database Application with MasterTable and DetailTable

Speaker: Miroslav Nachev


Creating of Rich Client Application example

Speaker: Miroslav Nachev


Swing Application Framework

Speaker: Miroslav Nachev


Q & A

Speakers: Roman Strobl and Miroslav Nachev

NetBeans 6.0: New and Cool

This presentations provides an overview of features coming in NetBeans 6.0, which is currently available in release candidate version.  One of the main focuses of NetBeans 6.0 was improving the editing experience, so you'll see various new features in the code editing area. NetBeans Profiler can be used to analyze performance bottlenecks so we'll look at  practical examples of using the profiler to analyze performance issues. We'll also look at various features for rapid web application development, including AJAX support. There is currently a lot of buzz around Ruby on Rails and NetBeans, so we'll demonstrate how you can use NetBeans to create Rails applications. You can also discover new features for Java ME development coming in NetBeans 6.0.

SwingX and Rich Client Applications

The focus in this series of lectures will be on the new features recently added to Swing. The following technologies will be explained and demonstrated in practice:

-          Java Persistent API (JPA);

-          EJB3;

-          BeansBinding;

-          Swing Application Framework;

-          Java EE 5 (GlassFish v2);

-          Java Web Start (JNLP);

-          SwingX components.

About the Speakers

Roman Strobl has over 7 years of experience doing software development in Java and all sorts of scripting languages. His expertise includes software development tools, Cisco IP telephony, and information security. He gets very excited about new Java technologies and tools and enjoys helping developers use them effectively. Roman works for Sun Microsystems in Prague as a technology evangelist on the NetBeans project (with more than 80 presentations of NetBeans in past 2 years at Sun). He is also a passionate blogger (among the best 10 at Sun) and he produces his own podcast about NetBeans. His blog is located at: http://blogs.sun.com/roumen/.

Miroslav Nachev is software engineer with more than 18 years of experience in software design and development, system integration, VoIP and tele­communications projects. Some of the programming languages and technologies in his competence include Java, Fortran-77, Pascal, x86 assembler, C/C++, 4GL Magic, Web Services, Hibernate, JPA, XML Security & Encryption, Java Security, X.509 Certificates, XAdES, Java EE, Swing and VoIP.

Miroslav have been a technical lead of various Java projects and VoIP solutions: "Emergency Call System 112", "Vessel Traffic Management and Information System and Global Maritime Distress and Safety System zone A1" and "Building of National Border Police TETRA System" as subcontractor of Nokia for this PHARE project and "Asterisk based IP PBX solutions".


See the photos from the event here.